Need Help...Stuck in bronze forever.

So i play since season 4 ends.In season 5 i got bronze 2 hard climbing to silver 4 in the preseason 6 and after 2-3 days down to bronze 2. This season 7/10 promotional games and got bronze 5 , moved account to euw to play with friends and again got bronze 5.I was stuck in bronze3 , 1 or 3 months , after got demoted to bronze 5 again...Some days ago i climbed to bronze1 , after starts the lose streaks and down again to bronze 2. I feel like escaping this elo is IMPOSSIBLE for me. Yes, i know i make so much mistakes but i tryed to fix them and improve my gameplay. I watched ALOT of videos ( cs , decision making , die less , focus on objectives etc) and im still stuck in this elo.Ah yeah and i have 500 GAMES IN THIS ELO , with 51% winrate ,i can't escape , tryed so many champs , im possitive every game but this MAKES NO SENSE to my elo. In this elo no one cares about objectives , all want kills and all go fck 5 flashes for a kill...I feel i will be bronze in all seasons and stuck there forever... AND I DON;T WANT anybody to say "you're bad" bcs YES . I KNOW that i'm bad and this is why im still stuck in bronze BUT i need some help from you ! I'm already tired , i play 5-10 games per day and still stuck in 1 division . Win 21 LP per win , lose 19 and i lose 50% of my games ....
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