Can we agree Veigar needs to be toned down a bit?

I'm not sure you've noticed, but {{champion:45}} is a little bit insane right now, especially with the new masteries giving him MORE AP and less mana costs, and MORE CDR, basically everything Veigar likes... Add on that this is now League of shields and stopwatch and him being an easy target is no longer true, especially when he can play from Caitlyn range. I'm just a bit tired of being a tank with 120MR and getting hit for 1000dmg for his Q, his W and his Ult finishing me off with another 1500dmg. Buy more MR you say? Well the problem lies there, riot buffed the magic pen items a while ago and now MR does very little once he gets his {{item:3135}} Just saying, it's getting annoying, even when I play him it feels ridiculous.
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