Ranked in Twisted Treeline, an absolute catastrophe.

Captured with Lightshot
So... what is so unfair about the matchmaking in Twisted Treeline Ranked? Well, first of all, the fact that their tier average was platinum 1, while our's was gold 1. So we already have a huge elo difference. Second, the fact that they were premades (As you can see with their first names all being 'RED'), which puts them to an unfair adventage since they can communicate much better with each other and know how their friends plays. And third, the fact that I have been placed with teammates whos winrates are below 50%, while they all have a winrate which is (far) over 50% percent. Now my question is: How can I be placed with them? Honestly, if I have to wait a little longer to fight against enemies on my level, then I'd rather take that than being placed against people who are either far below or far above me...
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