Pantheon rework!!

Hello Riot ! I think pantheon should be reworked. I think you should add a sword to him too. For example when his hp bar drops more than half. then you should make him draw a sword, In the meantime he should gain new abilites especially a new ultimate ability . That way he would be more able to 1 v1 champions because in the most cases when it comes to 1 v1, Pantheon has no ultimate ability to cast and that puts him in disadvantageous position. He is a fighter and in my opinion he should have an ultimate ability to cast which would let him be more efficient in solo combat . In addition, Spartans did not only have a shield and a spear as their fighting equipment , but a sword too. In fight they used to use the swords more than their spears. I think his Q should be more realistic. After he throws his spear make him draw his sword,replace his spear shot with another ability (for example sword slash or something like that)and put his spear shot ability in cooldown, so that he would not be able to spam it over and over again. That way , i think he will become more balanced and more fun to play! Thats my opinion about Pantheon! I hope you like it! Regards....... Well just a Pantheon lover xD
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