Trouble with ranked

I dont understand how i manage to carry normals with champs that i dont know well or have never even played before and when it comes to ranked my team just gets stomped out of this world... I recently got Illaoi with hextech and i figured why not so i tried her out and i managed to carry the entire team without any games with her before.... Same with Aurelion and Jayce... When it comes to ranked either i have been having a lot of bad luck or idk what it is, but i play my mains like viktor and vlad in mid or ZAC and Skarner in the jungle i lose like hell.... My point is just i dont understand how it is that i manage to carry my normal team in most games but as soon as i play ranked i lose over and over again. Im not blaming anyone i just need help to understand. Of course i understand why in the game in which my top laner is AFK for 15 minutes straight and then flames me that hes behind. But other than that, games where most lanes on my team are ahead and then at some point something just flips and we lose.... (Silver 5 btw, dropped from silver 4 with 89 LP)
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