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Hi. Just been thinking. All of that game ranking... As far as I see it is most influenced by your farm. You could almost call it farm rank. Farming is important, of course. But how about someone who roams a lot (mid, jung) loses farm... maybe even dies a lot. Ends up having some C rank, but wins the game in a landslide since his teammates got fed, towers got pushed, objectives got taken. I remember recently a guy got banned for "feeding" as Trynda. But he had an idea in his mind and Trynda being an annoying split/backdoor pusher, he won. On the other hand, you could have a self-focused Yi in the jungle, who barely ganks and if does, just gets the kills and takes all farm. Score amazing in the end. Rank S+. But... loses the game since everybody else was starved. What was the point of ranks again? Sneaky way of hooking people up on loot boxes? Because the system is just unable to represent you gameplay quality in real life.
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