New Morgana

What did you guys do to her? Why is it that all new female champs and reworks are de-personalized? They've all just becomes holes. Before, Morgana was hunched over, moving in an abnormal way, and was only ground bound with her wings out. She could not fly because she was a fallen angel. Now she is moving with full grace and beauty to not suit her character at all. She was never angry before either, she was only in pain. Why retcon so many great ideas? And what is the thing with all the right-click moving voice lines turning to ctrl+1 (jokes)? Does everything have to be a joke or something ironic when a champion moves? I wish she had her old voice still because it encompassed everything she was in a good way instead of just becoming another hole. I've also pretty damn weirded out by both Kayle and Morgana having multiple wings instead of their original ideas of two big and intimidating wings, especially with Morgana. What the hell are those things by her neck and rump? It looks awful on her long skirt/dress with those 2 butt-wings draping on the back of the skirt/dress. It would have looked so much better with her just having her two big wings from her back instead of those neck- and butt-wings. And what is with her being able to fly all of the sudden in both recall and ultimate?? She is a fallen angel! The whole idea of them is not being able to fly anymore! I'm so saddened by this rework of one of my all-time favourite champions since season 1. The same things happened with older champs too in their reworks. I just wish they were as they were, because they were loved for what they were! Thanks for taking your time to read this. It means a lot to me, just like the great character Morgana was before this rework. Edit: Bring back that long luscious hair!! Miss that so much!
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