As support main, I was like "Why it takes to much time to complete this quest for wards"....

Thank you Riot for making support Players, DEPENDENT to ADC... AS if supports are not players... WHy we need to stick to champs... Support can not even function properly alone now... WHen there is huge AFK, Discconections issues are all around, thank you for doing this. Now when ADC is afk, whole team is A-%%%%ed... There is no way to compensate... Nothing good happens recently.. 1) 1 BE Capsule bug 2) Ranked games are forked up 3) Support mains are punished for Top lane STRATEGY. What is next? Just had a game where adc was sucking so bad. Normally I would help with last hits with ranged attacks, so in long run it would compansate, but now we are getting punished for bad adc. and the gold difference is shit. I hate who come up with this idea. Supports are not slave....

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