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Whats the purpose of remake seriously. I get it if a person doesnt even connect from the start but when someone loads into the game and crashes afterwards, why is he punished? This happened to me obviously, this entire patch is full of bugs for me. I keep getting fps drops, crashes, freezes and the cherry on the cake was when i got a blue screen on my pc after loading into the game. I Have a SSD and still I didnt manage to restart the whole pc and open lol fast enough to reconnect into the game and got a lose because god knows why. At least I didnt get leaver buster. I counted the minutes and I was just a bit over 3 minutes and when I tried to connect it said the game ended and I was able to write in after game chat and people where still inside. Before you tell me to get a better pc I'll tell you my specs. Cpu: i5-7300 HQ 2.5 GHz Gpu: Geforce gtx 1050ti 4Gb vram Ram: 8 Gb The game runs on very high with shadows on at around 150+ Fps but I still managed to get a blue screen for the first time in this computer. Thank you riot games for failing to make a good launcher. I can't even understand why the game launcher uses more CPU than the entire game itself. The whole champion select and match found thing is laggy as %%%% even though I run the main game smoothly. I can play games like Nier automata on 60 fps ( a shitty port poorly optimised for pc ) without crashing but a %%%%ing pc game managed to break my computer in a single patch. I've been playing for 1 year on this computer and since season 2 all together and only this patch has given me bluescreen and crashing problems. Jesus, also remake is a thing that punishes you because the times I used it are counted on my fingers. Fix your game riot , please. I already crashed like 10 times this patch.
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