So things I like about Mordekaiser right now

So Mordekaiser will get a rework I mean he is (god knows what) and while waiting I were thinking about things I actually like about the current Mordekaiser : So the first thing I love is his Q animation it feels like I'm in a tennis match but I'm a snail in it. The Second thing shall be splash art and I hope we can get a new cape bcs right now he is ugly... Third thing I love is his triangle legs Fourth thing shall be his Dragon it's not really as OP as I expected but it's really usefull with the bonus health it gives and the power for solo Baron at 20 minutes. Fifth thing shall be the amount of healing I'm getting by his W it's basically the only thing that makes him unique Sixth and final thing would be how easy it is to be countered but how you can always go for 1v1 if you are better expect it's fiora then you are fked. I wrote all of this on a lagging tablet so there would be alot of grammar BS and alot of random words coming from nowhere.

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