Tips on how to play Rengar Jungle

Hello, I've been trying to improve my jungle skills and trying to learn Rengar by playing him with tanky builds (warmog, randuin,banshe) and less tanky builds but somehow I feel something is off. That's why I'd appreciate receiving some tips from higher elo players then myself on how to use him. I'd really appreciate if someone could answer some of my questions keeping in mind that this is solo q: - What roles should the Rengar pick synergise more and with wich champions on those roles? - Tips for ganking, like position where i have to come from - Warding: i buy a pink ward everytime i come out from base but i think i put them in the wrong places - Can i counter jungle? If yes when and wich champions? - Other Rengar tips or tricks that maybe I haven't understood. Thank you for your help, i really want to improve with rengar becouse he is a champion that i have a lot of fun playing, currently the only jungler in season 5. Aditional info on how I play him: - Regarding my runes: 3 Attack Speed Quints / 9 AD Marks / 9 Armor Seals / 9 Flat CDR Glyphs ----- Total: + 14,44 Attack Speed / + 8.51 AD / + 9 Armor / + 6.67 CDR - Always charge 4-5 points of fury before ganking or ulting - Start with the purple jungler item then change it to the blue one that steals ms for ganks to compensate for low cc
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