League of legends is not fun anymore

I have been playing this game for a long time, and that's about 7 years now. The newest projects that riot offered us seemed extraordinary and unique; we alll thought of it as a mass changing effect and a new style of playing, but I can say that i have had enough of this game. During the last year, I believe that i uninstalled this game once per month (at least), because I could not handle the stress, the rage, the fact that I was playing a game just to prove myself that I COULD WIN . But it is not fun anymore. The fact that someone could ruin a game (by feeding intentionally for example) is just not ok. One enemy could get ahead of the game, because all the champions became too powerful to even handle, with so many buffs and so many things happening. Yes, I love the new dragons, but what can i do **while my jungler dont know how to press "smite"**? Another thing that I have a complaint on is that the season sounded exciting, _"2020, the golden year for league of legends"_, with the new TFT and the changes to the rift, but as soon as I walked into ranked, my Nunu started dancing under the enemy tower. I lost obviously. Why? Because every matchmaking does not reflect what i had achived in the last season. Ok i get it, new season new rank, but at least pair un the golds with the golds and the diamonds with the diamonds from the last season. Ok i might end up in silver now, but at least i had a team which was EQUAL, I lost because they were better, not because we were worse. And another thing that I wanted to mention is that Riot does not focus on banning the right people. Ok someone did not press "lock in", it happens. But i swear, I played with someone who raged and fed the whole game. I reported him, obviously, with a full text and explanations. Too bad we have got a restricted number of letters. And, as I could not imagine, I have recently seen the same exact player, one week after the report, still playing and doing their unual things (i remembered the username) **Thank you Riot for everything, we had fun together, but I believe that our paths will split at some point, and I think that'd be the only _"golden" prize_ i'll get towards you. ** Radu
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