Optimal Supports And Their Items/Playstyles?

I've played league on and off for a few years, played every role in the game, always avoided ranked matches. I found love playing mid, but more-so support, I always considered it a more open and fun role for myself. I started with {{champion:44}} and {{champion:12}} and they were ok, but I found it a lot funner to experiment with whatever champion I felt like, as long as they had some supporting move. {{champion:1}} -Amazing with stun, use shield to charge up stun, can harass enemies really well. {{champion:17}} - Mushroom forest. Poison shots and blinds are great for harassing enemies, does really good damage. {{champion:37}} -More traditional, spent the most time on this character, usually not aggressive enough for me. {{champion:432}} -I would like to learn how to use him properly, he seems like an amazing support. Please leave suggestions on your favorite supports, no matter what role you player, and if you play support, what play style do you use with your character? what items? I never like following builds normally, it's much more interesting to test things. Oh and now days I generally play bot rounds, say what you will, but the toxicity of people in normal games no matter how good or bad you do is not something I want in my day.
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