People overrate themselves.

Hey guys, This is just something ive noticed lately and it might not sound nice, but most of you might not be as good as you think you are. People tend to think that their skil lvl is alot higher than the other players they play with. This is true in some situation, but mostly, its not, and there is no shame in that. I often hear people say "i could be in this league if i just didnt get these bad teamates". Sometimes you do get really bad teamates, but if you arent able to get past it and climb, then you are most likely where you deserve to be, only thing to do is to focus on your own gameplay and to prove that you actually are better. When people ask for a team or duoq, they also seem to overrate themself. If a guy is silver 3, do you ever hear them ask for a duoq who is just silver? No. They ask for someone who is at least silver 3 or more, because they believe they are better, and dont want to play with someone who is lower rank than them, rather with someone who is higher rank. Same goes for championmastery, my main champion is at least 4 divisions higher than my league. If that is true, why dont you spam him/her and prove that you really are that good? Edit: I too am an earlier "sinner" of this :P And now that i look back at it i see how bad i was compared to now. It took some time but ive managed to prove to myself that im good enough :) Hopefully this didnt sound offensive, its just something ive noticed lately, and just some food for thought. Thanks for reading, kind regards ~Nikolai.
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