Diamond 4 EUNE is unplayable in this season

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The game is unplayable because of low elo players randomly coming to my game because there are probably no others from my elo or all the players in diamond are here by luck/are getting boosted somehow. Reset didn't affect the game in a slightest way. We just lost our LP, divisions for nothing. Only ways to be able to do something in this game are: 1. Get boosted, since riot doesn't care about gameplay and are focusing on releasing more and more useless skins every patch, pay someone to boost you to master+ and enjoy. 2. Go purchase some RP, and move from this boosted server to EUW or another server. 3. Go to support and ask for your account to be deleted. 4. If you don't want to delete your account, go to Control Panel/Uninstall a Program/Find League of Skins, right click and uninstall.
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