Yasuo is so weak now. Here is what you need to do Rito.

Rito you have to do something about Yasuo because he is god damn weak right now. E.g. I have just watched a challenger game where the yasuo player and his whole team were outplayed hard, way behind, however, after Yasuo finished 3 of his items he literally ran into 1v5 and easily won. Are you serious? You really think it is fair that Yasuo needs 3 whole completed items to do that? You know how hard it is to buy always the same items without thinking about the enemy teamcomp? What if someone missclicks once and buys something stupid like armor? You know how much skill is needed to press W to block 99% of abilities and adc shots for 4 seconds? You know how hard it is to dash without cooldowns or poke without cooldowns with Q? You really think this hard struggle can be compensated with the potential of easy pentakills with 3 items? Pfff First of all: give yasuo inbuilt scaling attack speed. You know how frustrating it is to buy items for attack speed when you already have inbuilt armor, inbuilt crit and infinite dash? Why do you bother ppl with this shit? Just give him 2.5 attack speed at level 1 so there is no more need of stupid items anymore. After that you should give him invulnerability. Seriously guys. He is melee…cough, cough… he needs it. What if his autoshield fades away and he takes some damage? What if his 4 sec invulnerability-wall fades away? Have you even thought about it? I do not think so. Lastly, you really should consider to give Yasuo a new combo. Something like press E+R and the enemy nexus blows up. I know, I know it sounds overpowered but consider it how difficult to accomplish his E+Q combo. What? You are saying he is already 100% pick or ban champion in high-elo games in Korea?! Who cares? Those guys know nothing about this game. Oh, oh…almost forgot. I heard something crazy about you want to nerf him by lowering his AD by 3. Are you crazy? Please do not do it rito. You really want to destroy this wonderful champion with such a huge nerf? 3 AD? If you do it Yasuo will be gutted, unplayable, useless, even more than Irelia. So just do not do it pls! {{champion:157}}
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