Current standing of ADCs ('Rito Pls'?)

Ok, I've almost never used these boards before, I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the first post about this and excuse me if you're getting bored of this, but I need to vent. I've been an ADC main for .. I think about 3 years now? I've seen a lot of changes pass, I've loyally read my updates, had my thoughts, went along with the flow of the game and accepted things as they were. I've always enjoyed my time on League and never tried to complain too much about anything. Because I figure that you (the development team) must know what is best for us. But I really need this off my chest, even now, I still want to play ADC and I feel like I may aswell uninstall. I feel no relevance in any game at all. We have been changed to an evolved cannon minion that decides it's own path to an enemy turret and that's what I feel we are good for and maybe, just maybe, we might get to attack an enemy sometimes. Sometimes. Right now, when I play the game, I do my best in my lane, as I always have. And at some point, either one of 2 things happens. Suddenly my entire team is bot and they completely stomp out the enemy botlane and suddenly boom, you're in the enemy base and everything is over. Or.. well the exact same thing in my own direction. In either scenario, I feel like it doesn't matter what I do. When my team is winning, they don't even seem to need me. When we are behind, it feels like no matter what I do, I cannot bring enough damage to help turn the tide, I'm behind on the game and even if I've gotten some kills, it feels like my damage is simply not enough to bring what is necessary. Honestly, for the first time in my time playing League, I don't feel like I'm not having much fun at all, you can have yourself a little laning phase (maybe) and then it's a rollercoaster in either direction. At least in a lot of the games I play. You know, as an ADC, I have always felt most comfortable by not over-aggroing my lane. I find it fun to play the teamfights, right now I play games sometimes where there is literally not a single teamfight. Ok, partially this is because of me or teammates being dumdums getting caught or things like that. But also because the snowballing is so incredibly harsh. Most of the time I really feel like there isn't even a lot of time for me to bring in the required items or that I'm always behind on other people in the team. Now, don't get me wrong, I know ADCs are incredibly, incredibly powerful in the lategame. There has to be a balance. But is the current situation really healthy? Right now I feel like my main roles balance is to role a dice on wether my team is gonna make it or the other team is gonna make it, outside of botlane. This brings the problem that so much happens outside my lane, I will either be 2-shotting a poor guy that got dumpstered in his lane or I'm gonna walk into someone who flashes onto me and 2-shots me instead. There is no in between. Not to mention, supports have always been impactful on the laning phase. But right now AP mages are the way to go, who needs an ADC when your support simply deletes someone on his own? My last game that I played just now was just a match of Zyra vs Malzahar and everything was just 2 guys walking around, watching it all happen. (Not completely, but you get what I mean. Like that I shit my pants over which support is going to solo me this time, for example.) Anyway, in conclusion, 'Rito pls', I've loved your game for probably about 5 years now and I feel really unhappy about the current state of the thing I like most about your game, my precious ADC role. I know there is no magic fix button and I know balancing a game is pretty %%%%ing hard to do. But please, if supports could come back to the support roles a bit and ADCs could get a little bit of a bump into the game again, that'd be really awesome. Have a nice day. o/ ~Drago {{champion:67}}
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