Im gonna be honest

{{champion:157}} isn't one of the most annoying champs in League. I find myself looking at daily complaints about Yasuo, and tons of mentions of him by players in other areas. (EUNE, NA, BR, etc) I wish the problems in this game were Yasuo, boy I really do. I don't mind getting destroyed by him because atleast he takes (even if very very small) skill to play. People don't talk as much about {{champion:11}} as often. He literally demolishes you with the stupid guinsoo. His goddamn alpha strike makes him untergetable, and his R isn't just "speed", he becomes IMMUNE TO CC. And he has a shitload of TDamage. Yi has done some really %%%%%%ed pentas. Let's nerf Yi instead. Id even be ok with giving Yasuo more 300 skins. People don't talk about {{champion:23}} this lame braindead ass champion. He has a slow and his AAs deal as much as Yi, and he doesn't even need to be fed. Let's nerf Trynda instead. (I wanna make clear by here that im not a midlaner main, and only used Yasuo myself against bots, but have gone against him, and had him with me on teams, even bot.) Hell, even {{champion:84}} is way worse than Yasuo. Idk if I should say we could nerf Akali, haven't seen her deal a shitload of damage lately. And the two I hate the most in this game, which I would nerf to the ground so that they would need their whole kit to kill a minion: {{champion:63}} and {{champion:238}}. I wanna start by saying that, Zed takes no skill as a champion. I have seen countless Pentakills by LL Stylish and random guys in Silver V. Seeing a Zed pentakill is the same as seeing a Master Yi pentakill; worthless and easy. Zed has insane damage, he has gap closers (yeah, gap closerS, not gap closeR), he's just so dumb. And you know what? He hasn't been gutted, and he isn't 'dead' or 'weak', or even 'fine', Zed is broken, like he always was, like he always will be. I remember being pretty much deleted in 3 sec by a 0/10/2 Zed in a flex q game, kills were 40v3. But, here come the Zed geniuses (that guy... lmao) downvoting and telling me of how I got killed by a Zed and that I need to git gud.
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