Could we have a rework of Zeke's Harbinger?

I was looking around all the support's items and while there are real cool new items and change for season 7 (good job!) Zeke is still there unwanted :( The stats are ok: > +30 armor > +250 mana > +50 ability power > +10% cooldown reduction it provides a bit of everything, it would require a longer analysis to determine what supports lack in term of items stats. But the passiv (you need to link to an ally before): > UNIQUE: When within 1000-units of each other, you and your Conduit will generate 1 charge every second, up to 100, with a bonus 4 / 2 charges whenever you or your ally attack, and 8 / 4 on spell cast. > ****At 100 charge, dealing damage grants you and your Conduit 20% increased AP and +50% flat critical strike chance for 8 seconds.**** > All current charge is lost if you move further than 1000-units apart or hold onto 100 charge for longer than 5 seconds. It is very difficult to use, mainly because you have no control over it as it activates by itself. So... i don't know, any thoughts about this Riot designers?
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