Increasing Rewards for Skillful Play with Master Yi

Hi all! Okay so it's no secret that Yi is an "easy to pick up and stomp scrubs with" champion. What is know to fewer however, is that Yi has a fairly high skill ceiling and that playing him against competent opponents or into a hard match-up can actually require rather a lot of skill. Unfortunately, I feel like despite Yi being more complex than given credit for, just running at enemies like a maniac spamming right click is often the best way to dispatch them. Therefore I propose a change; to make the cooldown on Master Yi's Meditate scale with how long Meditate was active. There would be a minimum cooldown of 4 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds; both reducible by cooldown reduction. Also Master Yi's next auto attack after using Meditate would reduce it's cooldown by 2 seconds. (Possible addition: Have the spell go on a full 30 second cooldown if interrupted by cc at any time) In the always entertaining words of the Riot balance team, this would "Separate the good Yi's from the Bad Yi's", hey, maybe it will even help him enjoy his "Late game fantasy" more too. :^) Jokes aside I genuinely think a change like this could help to remove the "noob stomper" status of Yi and allow players to feel pretty badass after pulling off a series of damage reducing autoattack resets with perfect timing. So please let me know what you think guys and girls. I hope to hear from you all soon ^^
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