Starting to notice a pattern in the league MM system lol.

Playing trick's nasus breach method to climb. Am g5 Atm. Have 60% win rate. Win 6 games in a row. Go into promos for g4 lose 2 immediately. Back at g5 60lp. Win 3 games in a row go into promos lose 2 games immediately. Back at g5 64lp. Win 1 , loose 1 , win 1, go into promos lose 2 games immediately. 9/10 games that i lost were completely onesided ( Team score of 3-14 by the 12th min of the game) I almost never lose lane , because nasus is f'ing broken. But i rarely snowball the lane cause the enemy shyvana is already 4/0. And when i do loose it its kinda of a soft loss. I don't really allow the enemy laner to snowball. He just goes 1/0 - 2/0. And thats about that. He cant kill my tower, nor me cause I'm playing super safe after 1-2 deaths. Nether can he roam at all cause as soon as he does BOOM 2 towers gone. So its not the loosing factor. This is my 4th promo. Speculated that something might be going on but now i think Im starting to actually see it. No wonder only 20 % of player base is above gold. No wonder its almost impossible to see someone with a consistent winrate above 51-52% in lower elo's. No wonder that every win streak is almost immediately followed up by a massive lose streak. Tisk tisk. Ps. Was gold 1 at the end of last season but the same thing happened, just no way i could get past the plat promos. Tried for like 2 months, then realized the game was eating my life away so i stop'ed. The cycle repeats :D
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