Riot...what is your issue with regular mages ?

Honestly, it is beggining to get a little iritating. Reading the patch 6.3, only one new information - "yaaay more armor for zhonya's", guess what ? Even higher cost. Next, CDR boots cost more, and tons of AD champion and item changes (plus a new item). Are you ever done with it ? Satisfied ? Reading some of those "mid season mage changes", so far, i've seen nothing. I can actually say some of them are bad (changing champion playstyles). There isn't any, i mean any mention of the issues that exist : 1. Price and lack of clear differences in AP items 2. Better or at least one more pen. item 3. Better self sufficient VERY LOW COST items - yes, AD has a cutlass,zeal or phage- i also want 1300 ap item that for example, refunds mana, a realistic functional low cost item that isnt only stat oriented. Old school mages had very clear playstyle - tons of dmg and cool casting, weak as hell and immobile if locked down. Simple as that. So create items and give some care to Lux, Malz, Karthus, mid lane Annie, Xerath, Swain, Orianna, Vel Koz and some others. Pure casters. You call it boring playstyle ? Well you are probably another assasin brat that had everything on their plate so far. Lets proc thunderlords, let's nuke and run away, lets have our own zhonyas in kit (ekko), and so on... Unacapable to properly trade versus real casters or simply way to dumb to manage spells and actually have a map strategy.
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