Slowly but surely going down in ranks

at the pinnacle of the season i was silver 2, from that point onward iv been slowly losing and winning and losing again until i went back to silver 3, then i won and lost and won and lost and slowly but surely im now standing on 3lp. i think i played around 30 games from silver 2 to silver 3 and its all been slowly losing lp. iv been promised a free win when i reach promos again, but that wont happen unless i change something in myself to make myself play better. i dont get tilted much cuz when i play i take breaks between each game to go eat a snack and watch a video on youtube or something to cool me off, but now that i have 3lp left i thought maybe id ask the community for some advices. i dont even know where to begin my change... im playing mostly in the top lane, but somehow i end up losing. i make sure i dont push the lane, and usually am able to freeze it completely. i dont get a lot of ganks from my jungler though for some reason, even if i ask several times. i usually dont bother asking for ganks unless i die once in lane, then ill start asking for a gank, but i think im doing fine for the most part during the laning phase so i dont bother asking for ganks and rather put the jungler in mid or bot to help them out instead (not that it helps much but its still more preasure). i just need someone to look at my match history and tell me if he sees something unusual in maybe my build, maybe my runes or masteries, or maybe im just plain bad and i have no place in the higher ends of silver yet. tl;dr i need advice cuz im about to go down a rank for the 2nd time this season and idk what im doing wrong.
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