Trolls and afk's in bronze

Last season I was in silver 5 but only by a thread, I was consistently close to falling down to bronze. However, I know I have improved a bit since then not enough to have gotten gold or anything like that but I know I have gotten a little better due to my game sense and general knowledge increasing due to coaching that I have paid for from higher elo players and from watching video after video online. However this season I started in iron and there were almost no afk players or trolls and the trolls were more saying they aren't having fun as they were silver last season and are iron now and don't find the game fun anymore and want to ruin other people but as there were so few I was able to climb and I got out of iron into bronze and I was able to climb fairly high until a certain point when I was close to getting silver almost every single one of my games had a troll or an afk player this is not me blaming all my team as I know there are times where I misplayed and have caused my team to lose via overextending or having tunnel vision both things that I am trying to work on however these trolls and afks scourge the games that I play well as well as the games I don't . And I am not calling people who just have a bad game and have not learned how to play safe yet as trolls but people who openly say things like "Mids open" "I'm going to int now" "I don't feel like winning" and the worst part is reporting them does nothing even when I gave riot time frames of when it happens in the game or if the person just is actually going afk I never get a notification saying they have received a punishment. I don't just report people because of feeding like I see a lot of other people saying in /all. Basically what I am trying to ask how am I meant to climb in ranked queue solo when almost all my games have a troll or afk in it. I know I am not perfect and I know that I am not the best at the game. I don't want to hear that I need to carry them or that if I am truly not a bronze I would be able to carry the other 4 monkeys or anything like that because you and I know that its impossible I am not saying I am gold or anything higher hell I don't even know if I am silver but I know that 1 silver cant win vs 5 bronze and if you have proof of otherwise I would like to see it. But the way my win rate and my rank keeps fluctuating is something I want to stop. I main jungle and am wanting to know what I should do if my team is openly trolling or a laner has gone afk what is my game plan what am I meant to do to give my team the best possible chance because nothing seems to work if I farm my team flame and play bad if I gank lanes the laner that was vs the afk is able to rotate with jungle and counter gank me hard or do another gank getting more kills/objectives if I play in the lane that the afk was gone my team flame that I was not ganking. Tldr: How do I give my best team the best chance of winning with trolls and afks on the team as a jungler.
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