why blitzcranck and thresh are worst than pyke in laning phase

because both of them can cc you longer than pyke if pyke followsup with his E after landing his telegraphed hook you could manage to avoid it by sidestepping/dashing/etc moreover his hook doesn't displace you all the way up, it falls very short giving you opportunity to go back into position instead blitz hook displaces you right in the front of him, and he will follow up with his UNAVOIDABLE knock up (another CC thank you) so, good luck coming back from that, you got displaced hard and cc'ed twice thresh hook is telegraphed as well as pyke's, problem is, if it lands it keeps you hooked for a very long time plus he will E to you (again, unavoidable) so, you are bound to lose trade/dying harder respect to pyke, if they land their hooks

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