Some Tips for bronze and silver players for the last few games to get promoted.

This is my first proper season playing league (actually started just at the end of s4). I recently made gold and though im not amazing at the game i thought id write up some tips i learnt on the way that could help out some bronze and silver players trying to climb in the last few days. I don’t claim to be anything special at the game but because of these tips i jumped from silver 5-silver 1 in one month. I then dropped to s2 and took a break from playing, came back and went from s2-gold 1 in 2-3 weeks. Even if you don’t listen to them all, a few could help you out and make the difference. Oh and sorry for the long post lol. 1. So ill start with stop chasing kills into blind spots. The amount of times i would see my team chase after kills and end up dying for nothing would drive me crazy. If you win a team fight you don’t need to chase them all down, if they run into their jungle and its not warded, you are best turning around and focusing on an objective. Just because a guy is so close to dead, doesn’t mean you chase him until you get caught. 2. Objectives are much more important than kills. Something ive really noticed about silver players is they focus on kills and team fighting, rather than taking simple objectives. If you catch some of them, turn on a tower or dragon or baron, don’t run around aimlessly. The worst thing i see is when you win a team fight and then your team mates start to back or go off looking for farm rather than take a free baron or something. Also do you know how easy it is to sneak baron in silver? After the 20 mark just watch the map, 9/10 times no one wards baron until the 35min onwards. So if they go dragon, you all go baron, if you see a few of them bot, go baron, things like that but also remember if they do know what you are doing you can pull off baron, don’t keep doing it and die and lose it. 3. Wards. Its simple, everyone should ward not just the support. Im not great at this myself but something i always do is upgrade my trinket asap and then spam it. Im still amazed at how few people upgrade their trinket. Its a massive game changer. 4. Know what champion you are playing and its power spike. One of my mains is AP Kog mid. I cant really do anything till level 11. So i let me team know this, tell them try and avoid team fights and wait till im 11. You cant play all champions the same. 5. Dont play the “OP” champs because you see the pros do it, play the champs you like and are good at and try to stick to just a few, about 2-3 a role i find. 6. Watch death timers, its really easy now, they have them on the screen. Don’t keep pushing into their base when they are all about to respawn. Watch the timers, even say on chat so everyone knows someone is about to pop up. Don’t let your greed turn a winning team fight into them getting free kills and a way back into the game. 7. This one is mainly for blitz players. Please don’t just hook anyone cause you see them standing there. The amount of times i see a blitz hooking them and giving them a 5v3, or hooking the tank in or something just drives me crazy. Make sure its the right hook at the right time 8. Dont fight over every dragon. Dragon buff is good but not worth giving kills over for unless its to stop the 5th one. If they are going for say the second or third dragon, don’t panic and charge in to steal it. If you feel you can take them in a team fight, aren’t behind and have your team mates with you, sure go for it but don’t charge 3v5 into the pit, give the dragon and 3 kills and most likely a baron or tower over. Silver players seem to think you have to fight over every dragon, you really don’t, go for another objective when they do it or something. 9. Don’t fight when behind. If you guys had a bad laning phase and have fallen right behind, don’t think constant team fights is the way to solve it. You now have to play smart, try and fight your way back in with picks or smart rotations, or sneaking a baron or something. Going into 5v5 teamfights when behind is just helping the enemy team, unless you have a much better team comp and even then its touch and go. 10. Dont talk to the other team and let them know you are tilted. I see this all the time, “nice camp”, “wow OP champ”, “riot nerf X” all you are doing is putting a sign on you saying you are tilted come kill. You want the jungler to stop ganking you? Ward and play safe even if it means losing cs. 11. Learn about wave manipulation. Im not saying become an expert on it, fuck i don’t know much about it but just learn the basics, how to freeze a lane, how to have a lane push and how to push a lane. Simple. From this you can stop the jungler getting to you easy, against your counter? Just make the wave force onto your tower and so on. This can change with what champ you are and how you want to play the game. 12. Understand how to last hit under the tower. Mid is my main role and i usually like to try to force the wave under their tower early to test their last hitting skills under the tower, if they don’t know what they are doing then that wave is going to get pushed all the time and they will lose lots of cs. So learn how to deal with that. You don’t want to lose easy cs because of the tower 13. Remember the game doesn’t last 20 mins. Just because you lose the laning phase and fall behind doesn’t mean you have lost, all this ff at 20 talk just doesn’t help. Focus on the game and find a way back in. At this level games can turn on their head so easy, the amount of comebacks ive been involved in is crazy, people wanted to surrender but end up walking away with a win. 14. Don’t tilt your team mates. Theres a difference between making calls, giving advice and pissing off your teammates. Be careful what you say to them, a tilted teammate is no use to you and all you will do is make it worse. Try to encourage them and you might get the best out of them. 15. Don’t just go to your starting positions at the start of the game. This includes the jungler, go to the river, ward or just cover. This way you wont ever get invaded and give over an early first blood again. Do this especially if they have a blitz, high chance there will be an invade. 16. CS is really important. People focus really heavily on kills in this game thinking thats the way to get ahead but if you are sacrificing cs for it, then it could very well not be worth. Practice your cs, learn to improve it and get it higher. Out CS your lane opponent and you will move further and further ahead, making it easier to kill them. Learn how to cs and poke in lane. At the same time don’t feed your opponent kills just to get cs. 17. Try and work with your team. Communicate, talk to each other, get on the same page. Start right at champs select, this way you can try and get a good well rounded team comp and people can try and get the roles they prefer. 18. Try and be relaxed when you play. Don’t pressure yourself to win and understand when you are on tilt. When you tilt you are best taking a break, maybe play something else or do something else until you relax yourself to play again. Playing on tilt is the fastest way to pick up a losing streak. 19. Try not to play champions you haven’t practiced. Personally i always practice a new champion in normals first so i can get the feel and know what im doing, this way im giving myself the best opportunity in my ranked games. 20. Last one i would say is learn how to position. Be it in lane or in team fights this is a big one and took me a while to get the hang of but once i did it changed my gameplay instantly. Personally playing AP kog i really had to learn how to position myself better and it moved into the rest of my game, this is where i found a big difference in my play. So i hope these tips can help you guys, you might not agree with them all but this is what helped me get out of silver. Good luck with the rest of your games and if anyone wants to add anymore feel free to.

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