Mmh, change champ pool?

So, as every year, i started bronze and i reached gold, this season i spammed cait/yi/morg/nocturne/sivir But i see at gold 4/3 thos champ are not anymore enough stompy. What should i play? I will put here a list of the champ i know how to use very well: TOP: renekton, garen MID: tf, katarina, morgana JUNGLE: yi, noc, hecarim, volibear ADC: sivir, cait, mf, jinx (tristana a little, very little, a yordle i should say..) SUPPORT: well uhhh, i only know blitz anddddd uuhhhhh lulu? i suck as support actually That said, should i keep going with cait/yi? I feel like enemy now are smarter and do not go alone like in low silver, so with yi it's difficoult to take a good pick, and team is not enough brave to follow the dives, yi is like a champ for very low elo, where enemy dunno what to do, and very high elo, where your team does follow you and your call, here in mid elo enemy are smart enough, but allied not brave enough to follow. and cait, well yes it is very strong, problem is she need the tank in top and jungle do not get 2 items before her, or it's gg. Any hint? I think with farm i am ok, and at warding as well, my problem is i want to make the right call at the right moment, but i can not alone, should i make the wrong play with the team or keep going with the right play alone? I'm confused, 6 season of gold didn't teach me anything actually, i suppose i reached gold all that times just by being luck with team actually, i'm not really good at the game
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