This game is unfair

I know there will be people who gonna say "you're just bad" "it's your fault" etc.. No, it's not. This game is full of boosted people, I'm in diamond 5 and I lost 3 matches in a row because people simply can't play their champions and they are, for real, boosted. Last match I got a Shen who was Bronze 5 last season and now it's platinum 1, of course he lost his lane, of course he was completely useless, our ADC picks Draven and goes 0/7 because he actually never played Draven. People swap roles and they actually can't play that role, first match I lost was because ADC swapped with Jungle and NONE of them could play their role, our ADC (Kog Maw) went 5/14 in 30 mins.In Diamond 5. Second match I lost was mainly because they swapped, again. Top with ADC, our Top picked Riven but she went 4/11 and was legit useless.Now you gonna say it's your fault or etc, no it isn't, I got the most honorable in my team in all 3 games because I didn't flame or FF15 or be stupid. I tried, I tried until the nexus exploded. WHY is it even allowed to play a champion in ranked if you don't have at least mastery 4 with that champion? I am,probably, 1 lose away of being demoted from d5 to plat 1 and I swear I'm going to quit this trash game if I get demoted, I spent too many hours and tried so hard to get here and people are just shitting on that, because they don't care. My KDA for the 3 loses in a row was good for a support, I went 6/6/11 in the first one with Thresh, 6/8/18 with Tahm in the second one and in the last match I couldn't do anything since they were 4-5 levels ahead of me and I went 1/4/2 with Thresh. This is diamond 5, either boosted, for real, players either good ones. And it's not fair at all. And I know things wont change but this is NOT FAIR.
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