So i played him a bit and i must say he seems balanced,now im still green with him so i maybe dont play him to his full potential but i never miss passive aa and im doing combos pretty good,his cd is fairly shot but even then it feels like i miss 1s for w heal and 1v1 win,tho late game is like every spell just spam which brings this problem,tho very strong he is not very agresive as i thought he would be,he needs full combo to deal good damage early on which brings your mana to 100 after one combo(talking about mid) so he scales pretty good but its so slow,boots,lich bane rabadon are the only way to fasten up that scaling unless enemy is just feeding and you have 3 items vs 1,but rabadon is 3600 and in my opinion thats a lot for the 2nd item or even 3rd(i know some dont count boots as item which is stupid but ok i do),also his strating item seems to be corrupting potion which is fine since dorans ring is useless as he needs mana for constant combo and after that i take dark seal so thats alredy 850 gold for early start but he needs it if he wants to stay in lane longer and get more gold,but like i stated he is new and unexplored combo and item vise but i dont see any other way of building him early honestly as those are standard mage/sustain items,same for top,while jg sylas is busted, he struggles lvl 1-3 but once he gets his basic jg item he clears jg and barely losing any hp at every camp since you go Q-aa,W-aa,E-aa,E-aa and all of basic aa while skills on cd So what is you opinion on him,for now i prefer him jg while top and mid decent
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