Nerf zed... from a zed main...

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Ive mained zed for a long time now, always tried my best to master his mechanics and try to get really good with him and for a long long time (even in the tank meta, hence the 180k points) i played him a ton. but i just cant bring my self to play him anymore. not after having to play against him so much. Im actually sick of riot hurting so many champions with no need and leaving champs like zed so absurdly strong. for example back in 5.24 they nerfed malz karthus and swain with literally no justification apart from dft being too strong, they also nerfed it the same patch leaving no reason to hurt these champions, and ofc they havent done anything to buff them again. Zed has been such a giant pain in everyone's asses for the last 3 patches and he hasn't been touched yet. my trouble comes in with him being insanely high reward and pretty low risk. he can just jump in and you freely and destroy basically anyone without zhonyas. Also i think another problem with zed and ad mid's in general is that there are so many options for ad champions to make and ap champ irrelevant and receive little punishment for building these items (hexdrinker) whereas rushing zhonyas forces alot of ap mid into issues with mana and general lack of damage that they need to burst someone like zed down in the retardedly short window they have to react to them. as well as this what happened to skill shots? the amount of times im blown up by zed after him missing every q and just autoing me 3 times is insane. he needs to be punished for missing his skill shots more, perhaps give his q an insanely high energy cost if it dosnt hit a champion or kill a minion. Sorry for rambling but im just amazed at the state of this game at the moment. you cant make EVERY ap mid lane inferior to someone like zed and expect no outrage. This is the first time riot has forced me to fucking despise a champion i used to love to play, which is why im so angry. if this is too long to sum it up, punish zed players for playing like trash and missing everyhthing
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