Something that not everyone could of considered in regards to Varus (Power, Darkin Bow, and more..)

>#Introduction ###I will try to keep this very short, so people wouldn't have to read long lengthy paragraphs of text. In this discussion I will be going through... * Varus' Darkin Bow * Varus' potential in terms of Power * Other things about we don't know about Varus >###_Varus' Darkin Bow_ ###We still don't know the following things about his Darkin Bow to this day... * If it's the same Bow he was using back when he was offered Ascension (in terms of bow type, not visual looks) * How the Bow became a powerful weapon when it was specifically made to be a personal Prison for Varus * The Bow's true Origins * What actual kind of Magic is flowing through the Bow currently * How his or the other Darkin chosen weapons were turned into personal Prisons (we know it was Myisha with the Power of the Moon, but how was it organised or managed) >###_Varus' potential in terms of Power_ ###No one is certain how strong Varus really could be... * We still don't know the limits or the full potential of Varus' power, or how much damage he could cause with his Bow at full strength (since he is still weakened after the 3 identity in one body merge) * What the Power difference is between the Bow's Magic and the Moon Magic that was used to make it a Prison >###_Other things about we don't know about Varus_ ###Other minor things... * What his real name is before Ascension, since after the body merge they became a merged identity called Varus * What he actually looked like before Ascension * Why he is able to control 2 people in one body sometimes, where others only attempt to take control over 1 person * Why he differentiates so much from the other Darkin visually (he's corrupted in Void-like Purple, while others in Blood-like Red) >#Have any of you considered any of these things, during all the Lore updates?
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