Opinions on Off Meta (Example: Ezreal Top)

So, I recently played a game of Kled in the Top lane. Top lane has been my secondary role (after support) for a long time until I became a fill main. I'm not sure now which were the enemy's picks before mine, but I did not recognize a top laner until that point. So I picked Kled blind. But then, it turned out that the enemy top laner picked Ezreal. I got absolutely obliterated in that lane. I could not farm because I got poked. Not even under tower. I could not engage because he would just jump away. And then his damage was high enough to kill me with one combo from 50% at first, and from 80% once he got ahead. I went 0/4 or 0/5 in lane. In the end, we won the game (which felt really great), and I got to 8/8 by having a few good skirmishes and team fights, but overall Ezreal top seems like a very strong pick. Maybe it also was because of how unprepared I was for it, picking offensive runes, not knowing who would be my lane opponent. Overall, I think that off meta picks should get more investigation. We were also against a Miss Fortune in mid lane in that game, who had her fair share of impact as well. And I think that most - if not all - champions are viable in more than one role. A further community-wide investigation of off-meta picks would improve the freshness of the game in my opinion. And I really enjoyed this new challenge of Ezreal top (although it was also painful tbf). What do you think? Would you try some of them Amumu supports, some of those Syndra or Gnar bot, some of 'em Ivern or Caitlyn mid, and some of that Karthus jungle or LeBlanc top, in favor of more diversity for the game? Or do you think that people should stick more to the tried and tested champion picks and positions, and leave experiments to the pros or for the bot games?
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