Season 7 is a PATHETIC excuse for a season.

I vaguely remember a time when Ranked wasn't decided in champion select. I remember a time when you didn't have to Meta SLAVE every game just to feel like you were not INT. I remember when champion diversity was accepted and was a viable choice. I remember the feeling when outplaying an opponent was rewarding and wasn't down to pressing R by building Lethiality. I just feel riot have given up on the millions of players who play ranked still with a competitive mindset but are clearly not pro.. the balance in season 7 is such an issue that it's simply more stressful to play even in normal. League used to be about awesome plays, try Harding mechanics and trying new things... not just One shot this and one-shot that with no counter play.. gaining elo is tedious enough with the pool of trolls that exude from it's arse... feel as a player tanked is pretty much decided now on the picks/ban phase. and even then why not play the same 5 champs every-game over and over and over and be forced to stack the newest op build lethiality over and over and over... thanks riot for killing such a good game
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