High AP Ahri build

This is a very high AP Ahri build Morellonomicon Archangel's Staff Boots of Lucidity Rod of Ages Void Staff Rabadon's Deathcap Runes i run Magic Penetration +7 Ability Power +14.1 Cooldown Reduction -9.6% Masteries i go Sorcery, Feast, Vampirism, Double-edge sword 12 Savagery, Secret Stash, Merciless, Dangerous Game, Intelligence, THUNDERLORDS 18 With this build, you have decent magic penetration supported by 789.75 AP without flask (857.25 AP with flask), 3034 Mana, 2374 Health and 45% cooldown reduction 857.25 AP without any dragon or baron 8%/16%/24% ability power increase if you have Infernal Dragon ( 50% increase with Elder 12%/24%/36% ) Baron increase your AP by 40 (Probably had a calculation error but i got 1093.5 AP with 3 infernals and baron) Downside of this build is that You ramp up very slowly (even slower if you don't finish rod of ages early) You have no true defensive item (Seraph's Embrace might be something) You start off weak because you might get tear as the first item to speed up build What do you guys think of this build? BTW this is used in normals
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