Playing to win vs being a good teammate

I'm hoping to get some good discussion going on. Often in matches there are times where the logical choice is to go against your teammates wishes in order to increase your chances of winning. A good example of this is in champ select, when you see someone hover over a champion that they have a very low win rate on so you ban that champion to increase your chances of winning the match. While this may be true at the same time it will probably anger your teammate meaning they might not play as well as they could. On the flip-side is being a good teammate, and I've been in a lot of matches where one team has been less skilled than the other, but won due to better teamwork. 5 good players all working on their own typically lose against 5 average players working as a team. We see this in pro play too, where a team will drop an objectively better player in favour of one who is less skilled but works better with the team. Just because you put 2 world class players on a team together doesn't mean they will do well together, which is why Bjergsen and Doublelift are now on separate teams. So, do you play to win, or play to be a good teammate? And does your choice change depending on if you are playing ranked or normal games?
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