3v3 Scheduled time window

Ranked 5s queue returns during scheduled windows
We're bringing back the Ranked Team 5s during scheduled windows throughout the week where you can compete in premade 5v5 games with no tier restrictions. Read on for the details. We disabled ranked teams at the start of the season because we were unsure how match quality and queue times would be affected by the addition of dynamic queue.
I just started playing this game again. I was playing 3v3 with my old 3v3 team and then suddenly we could not queue up for ranked. We were wondering what this was all about and read something of scheduled windows where we could play ranked. I have been playing since early season 1 and i've loved this game and put so many hours into it. I finally got time for playing again and then this happens. 3v3 is the only thing i have cared about in this game, with this play time window we may be able to play 1 ranked game (if we are lucky) this decision to add this kills the game for me. Why! and i really mean it. why don't they care about us playing 3v3. i've made peace with riot rarely changing anything for the sake of 3v3, but why add this? There have never been that long queue times in 3v3 and there is no reason to make this scheduled time window. Riot is killing the little but loved 3v3 community they have, and it is so sad to see. I know people in both low rating and high rating that is talking about not even bothering playing 3v3 anymore or even play at all. Please do something about it before you kill this 3v3 community. And everything ends with a butterfly effect. With this scheduled window you could just aswell remove 3v3. Because i assure you, if this window don't go away there won't be anything left of this 3v3 community anyways Please, i sincerely hope you (Riot) read this message and see this from our point of view. I really hope you can save this, because it was beautiful. I had so much joy and so much aggression toward this game, but at the end of the day i've always loved it. If this don't get fixed then i am sad to say that i'm quitting this game for good. I'd rather leave this game while i still have some love and passion for it, then letting it hit my inner nerves and grow a hate towards it. Anyone else out there who feels the same about this shitty fudging scheduled time? Peace out! Vaytron
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