Demotivation because of ranked reset

Im challenger right now, which means im affected by the ranked reset, and my thing is that im literally wanting to stop playing until ranked is reset, because its just frustrating as fcuk to earn lp knowing that they are gone anyways in a few days without something in return... Preseason (aka the time where lp doesnt matter) was already pretty long, but now they're basically extending preseason til the end of march in form of the reset (for the top of the ladder). Im actually fine with them doing it, but the only thing that annoys me is that they like announce it but then are like "yea u gotta wait half a month til it happens". Im still enjoying league without like gaining lp, but yea playing in the regular season is just more fun than offseason, and thats exactly what it feels right now. So my advice for the rioters: its completely fine and definitely the right thing to do, but when ur about to announce it, make sure to execute it just in little time after, so the time inbetween doesnt feel like kinda pointless.
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