Pantheon E NEEDS to be toned down

Riot did an awful job on panths E, his rework is pretty good, EXCEPT HIS E, the mechanic itself is OBNOXIOUS, who thought giving a champion a skill that makes him invulnerable and is able to move while using it was a good idea? "Just get behind him" yeah you can also be god and oneshot everybody... no. Deleting the mechanic will be healthy for the game, its not fun to play against and not even remotely close to be balanced. And for those who would say "You just got rekt by a panth xd" yeah, i just got a match against a panth that carried the game pretty much alone but thats not the case, ive been hating it since it was announced and i couldnt believe that riot actually gave him INVULNERABILITY on a basic ability. Like, the appropiate nerf i can think of is nerfing it so it blocks autoattacks and tower shots, but not entire abilities... just as his old passive.
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