The importance of both Champ Select, and Macro game/Decision Making... More than "Skill/Mechanics"

I swear, I could bet anything, that a higher "%" of games... Are lost because of both Champ Select and Macro game/Decision Making, rather than just "Skill/Mechanics", people forget the importance of the first two things? **Champ Select:** Lately I've began to Dodge "unfavorable" Champ Selects, and I climbed some divisions because of this. * So your team is made of FIVE APs (ADC being Corki, Kaisa, Ezreal, or so), and you'd wonder why you'd lose? When all the enemies have Hexdrinker, Spirit Visage, and Mercury Boots? * Your team lacks a Frontline (Enchanter Support, Teemo/Kennen Top, Twitch/Evelyn Jungle), and you'd be surprised by the enemy team totally diving you under turret with hard CC, and still winning? **Macro game/Decision Making)** My god, I dont wanna talk about this one, I want to cry... xD pretty obvious things: * Making Baron, when enemy has full vision of it, is near and has hard CC engage, or even behind in numbers or gold. No comments. * Pushing lanes which have the enemy inhibitor broken. Omg this is the worst... xD So enemy would have Mid and Bot Inhibs down, and you wouldnt close the game by pushing Top? Only reason you'd go Mid/Bot if several enemy champions were dead, or you have Baron Buff, for an easy push. * Not taking objectives somewhere else, while the Toplaner with Teleport is pushing hard. You are killing him, because you are not drawing attention somewhere else, so 3 people will just go kill the Nasus in Top. I swear, feels like people only worry about "Skill", but have no "Macro game" at all. I have won games, where we had less kills actually, but took profit of every single small kill, by taking objectives... Edit: I mean, I can swear many games are lost before they even begin, just by champions. Of course, there have been times where I was surprised and proved wrong, but the "%" are there. There are champions "Superior" to other, etc.
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