Sightstones, Wards & Supports

I just have a thought . Maybe there should be a change to the vision system of league. I think the idea of warding is bound to supports and they created a special item for supports : Sightstone . But actually I think this thing makes people dislike this role, because they are forced to buy it ( support=buy sightstone), and it seems logical from the point of view that you are the support and your job is supporting your team but it isn't fun when you could spend this money to improve your other stats or rush a real supportive item like Aegis, Mikael's Crucible (items that would have a really huge impact if they are done or used at the right moment)etc. So I think a good thing would be removing Sightstone, making Yellow trinkets upgradeable - wards last longer, but also reduce the cooldown for sweepers ( so you can fight with vision better ) and decrease cooldown for blue trinkets but reduce the range (a safer alternative to yellow). Also make in game a special slot for Pink ward (like trinket has it's slot) so people can buy them anytime in game not depending on the quantity of items in theirs inventories(with the limitation - you can have only 1 ward in slot or placed on map). I think this will make the game more interesting, will remove some useless items that people never build (and they try to improve them ) and support role will be a more desired one, because it will be essentially a team effort for vision [what RIOT (or Tencent call them whatever you want) desires for so long] but not putting the main charge on support and jungler ( competitive play). IMHO this is how I see it. Your opinions on this please, maybe some more ideas ? And sorry for my English if smth is wrong not a native speaker.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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