About the URFwick skin coming to sale in the preseason

Hi, So as many of you know, Riot is merging IP with blue essence and to "celebrate" this, they are having limited time offers at store for blue essence. One of the things you can buy from the shop will be the Urfwick legacy skin. The skin is aimed at the veterans of the game which you can clearly see from it's massive price of 150 000 blue essence (Influence points). Now I am glad that the skin is finally returning for a while so I would finally have the chance to get it. After all, I started playing during season 1 and i saw the skin in the store and wanted to buy it but decided to buy it later, only to realize afterwards that the skin was available only for a limited time which made me extremely sad. Now I am a veteran that is among the top players when it comes to time spent on the game, which means i should be able to get the skin. This however, is not the case. I used to have hundreds of thousands of IP because there was nothing to use it on after you had bought every viable rune, rune page and champion in the game. In these recent times, Riot added a few new IP sinks for players like IP sales for chroma skins (which ate up almost all of my IP) and the mastery system. Thinking that since I had no other use for IP, I used all of my excess IP on chroma skins, even the ones I do not own the original skin for in case I would get the original skins from crafting. I left about 15K IP after every sale so that i would have the IP to buy every new champion when they come out. Problem is that I was the kind of player who actually used the IP sinks Riot gave us old players. Now Riot is just putting salt on my wounds by punishing me for using their system for their intended purposes. I would refund all of the chroma skins I bought with IP and more just to get that urfwick skin. I would have never bought them if I had known that Riot will bring that skin back and make it purchasable with a truck load of IP. I feel cheated. That is the problem. I have around 30k IP now and i will get about 60-70k IP from Riot when they "refund" the old runes and rune pages bought with IP. that means i'm 50-60K IP away from the required amount, which means i have no chance at getting the skin with the amount of time I have left. Even when I am a veteran from season 1, i can't get the thing that was aimed at veterans. The price is simply too high. Now to my suggestions. 1) Make it so that there would be a certain multiplier or something for the price, based on the season you started playing. So for example, if you started in season 1, the prize could be 25 000, in season 2 it's 50 000, season 3 75 000 etc. Note that these numbers are just used as examples. This way no one is excluded from getting the skin, but the closer you are to not being a veteran, the harder it becomes to get it. There are people who only buy the required amount of champions to get in to ranked and then OTP something and thus they will collect a lot of IP over time because they aren't spending it on new champions. Why should those OTP players be the ones who can get the skin and not people like me who are actual veterans and played when the skin was still in the store? 2) Make it so that the price for the skin is you current IP count with a minimum count required (like 50K or something). This way it works as an IP sink it is clearly designed to be but it would also limit the ability of newer players to get the skin. Resetting IP would give more value to the future IP the veterans are getting because they will then actually need to get it to get new champions and mastery ranks. A reason for veterans to play the game, so to speak. 3) Make it cheaper but only allow players who have played during the old seasons (like 1-3) to buy it. The seasons eligible could be changed. Once again, they are just examples. What do you guys think? Tell me your suggestions or if you liked mine and express whether you agree or disagree with my points. Critique is also welcome. EDIT: Oh yeah, 4th suggestion: 4) They could make it so that you can buy the urfwick skin even if you do not have enough IP for it yet, but it would me your IP go to negative. So if i have 50K IP, you can buy the skin but you will have -100 000 IP so you can't buy anything before you grind that amount of IP back. This could naturally have a minimum amount of IP you need to have before you can buy it like this. As an example, you could need to have 80K IP before you can buy it. It will take the 80k IP from you and then make you go negative on the balance for the amount that was left of the price. I hope that made sense.
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