Why haven't these bots been banned yet!?

It gets so tiring every single time I want to have a quick game against bots or to try a new champion from the free roster only to have 3 or 4 bots in a game. It's so infuriating and every time they feed the living hell out of whoever is mid. Trust me, it becomes near impossible to kill some of them. Such examples include: Veigar/Cassiopeia/Orianna/Yasuo/Teemo and need I go on? Furthermore, the champions I tend to play are bad at destroying turrets fast. The bots also are changing up what they use for summoner's spells but still use the Tibber's Summoner Icon. There are still the originals with Barrier/Heal summoner's spells but now they are mixing it up. However... they will ALWAYS have either heal or barrier. Finally, they will insta lock in a free to play champion which is a dead give away. Seriously, it sucks and always happens in both beginner and intermediate. Been what, 3 weeks now this has been happening?
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