Mastery Level 7 champions.

Hey guys, How many champions you have at mastery level 7 ? I did not pay too much attention for mastery levels, but one day I checked my collection and saw that I have quite a lot. So I wonder how many you guys have ? Now that I see I have 7 and I also have 2 level 7 tokens for Fizz so one more and I get 8 champions, and 1 token for Malzahar. I think I will start my own personal missions to collect level 7 tokens. For last 3 years I only played ranked games in soloq (gold divisions), only played normals when ranked were unavailable due patching or other reason and very rarely with some friends that want to play together but don't want flex. So I will try to get level 7 tokens for other champions 99% in ranked games as I did for the ones I have and without hunting for S and impacting the game in my quest just trying to perform good witch I do anyway. So I hope I will improve my game with this missions. Care to share your mastery level 7 collection ?
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