Mariner's Vengeance ( Please remove this trash )

The new item in Aram, the single most stupid idea, an item that when you die, your immortal and can kill, all you need is a high power ADC, die, there ya go, easy kill on someone, and the best part, you cant do anything about it my friend, you are just gonna die to a dead enemy that you cannot do a single thing against. There is nothing more irritating then killing an enemy for them to just kill you in return and unable to do anything to counter that, i win a fight fair and square but oh no... Played a fare share of Arams since the event started and this seems to be a very common complaint within game, you feel cheated, that end game fight that could win you the match, to then die from something that is completely out of your hands and unavoidable. Remove this stupid unbalanced item, please.
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