Why bot lane is so useless?

Hey Cele here again :) During my recent games, bot lane was just plain useless. Adc fed or support was just standing and watching while adc was being killed and then farms. Enemy junglers didn't gank or gank rarely. So not from jungle interference. But enemy adc has no problem destroying my teams adc and supp. I tried ganking and then pushing towers but to no avail. Bot loses lane, adc gets fed, Tanks protect adc and their adc just plain kills my team and there is nothing I can do. I played with a premade and still. we won top, won mid but our bot lost and they got to nexus. I try to carry as best as I can but From silver III I fell to Silver IV JUST because of bot lane.In team select they say give me adc I will carry and stuff. We give them adc, they feed af. and blame the rest of the team even though they're silver II and above. We don't let them, original adc still feeds. What should I do? I am planning to play every free second with my premade to try and get to Gold before season end which is very close so we started playing at nights too. Please help me. (Don't even try saying learn to carry because I will shoot you)
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