when you claim to "reform" "toxic" players into "decent people"

But all you're creating is a generation of sociopaths who will throw the biggest tantrums and trash everything around them because they know there's no punition. https://image.ibb.co/fqZZkK/dra.jpg Riot does this. Nobody who trashes a game is sanctionned. They get rewarded instead. Yes, that's how it feels to the feeder when his team loses a game. He's trash, so for him the game was lost from the start anyway, losing LP isn't a punition for him. But ruining othe people's game is an achievement for him. By not punishing him specifically for his toxicity, you REWARD him. And if someone humiliates him verbally (which he can easily mute), **as it should be, because people don't change without pressure and incentive**, he's once again protected by riot who will punish TWICE that person for "toxicity" (lol as if the flamer created the mess) : once by losing RP, a second time with a chatban/ban/honor loss. The result is an entire crowd (not a "community") of entitled brats who will cry "wahh wahh flamer" everytime someone make them face the consequences of their actions. A vicious and toxic crowd who make the game less about actual skills and more about manipulation and submission to a perverted mentality. The real question is : is it planned or just a monumental failure?
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