My Opinions on Aurelion sol (Mastery LVL 6)

i feel like i always come here just to drop my thoughts and leave, eh well {{champion:136}} Aurelion is a nice champ. unique and cool. But straight to the point, his damage to champions without 2 or 3 items is meh. predictable play style and VERY easy to shut down with the right matchup. I know riot is scared of buffing him because of his roaming and wave clear potential. but they have to do something at least, his last changes to q didn't help at all, when he falls behind it's very hard to come back, i played him long enough to get the feel of him and here are some of my humble suggestions for buffs that might help him vs champs but not make him a waveclear/roam abomanation: - Passive stars deals increasing damage by X amount after each successful W hit on a champion for a period of time ofc. - Q Damage increases with its size up to a cap ofc. - For the ult i'm not sure, it's long range and helpful to the team, but sometimes its damage is very... not satisfying. perhaps a small % ap ratio buff or cooldown reduction would go a long way! - OR! maybe each (passive/W) hit on champs reduces the cool-down of E **or **Q by 0.5 sec or something, no? - OR give him +5 mvmnt speed, _seriously_, 325 is a crime. i don't know anymore, thanks for reading :*

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