did the avrage skill level of every divison increase in the new season and will it drop again?

well me and most of my friends were around silver 3 - gold 5 by the end of the preseason i myself finshed the preseason as silver 2 and i was wining games kinda of easily getting fed every game having most farm in the game (not as much as the streamers get but enough to be the highest in the game sometimes by far) and i can bet that if the preseason lasted a bit lnger i would get gold but the ranked reset happend and me and all my friends got bronze you would expect that we will get out of there very quickly like in a matter of week or something but the oppiste happend games are much harder and the players are better my farm is no longer the best in the game its avrage (even so it didnt really drop) its not as easy to outplay opponents and every divison you go higher the skill level defretnce is pretty big, unlike how it was in season 5 and while i was expectning to get back to gold pretty quickly it took me a month to get from bronze 3 to bronze 1 promos (almost silver 5 now) i wont lie im having more fun in solo q but is it just me or does any one else feel the diffrentce or did i just get worst at the game XD and will it get back to normal when players get back to there orginal elo
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