How to play against Katarina and Talon in low elo?

I usually do well against them in lane, Kata i can usually bully more than Talon, since his w alows him to farm and push lane from a decent range, which makes denying cs to him our freezing a lane very difficult (at least for me). Kata I can usually bully pretty easily and mess her up. And then they hit 6 and start to roam. Talon feels impossible to follow most of the time as he gets anywhere he wants to be faster by jumping over terrain, he also clears lane much faster than most champs at this point, making it again a choice to try and follow him and miss a ton of cs and take turret dmg or treat him like TF. The main issue for me is that at least in my games my teammates ignore pings allowing Talon and Kata to get fed no matter how bad they are. My last game, my bot lane was pushing the enemy under their tower. Kata walks over my ward towards bot, both me and my jungler spam ping bot that Kata is coming (my jungler was recalled and I was just coming back to lane so neither of us could help). Im watching the minimap and my bot lane made 0 effort to move back from the enemy tower (their enemy lanners still fine under turret) until Kata was in their lane and they ofc died. This Kata had an amp tome, dark seal and a potion at this point cause she couldnt do anything in lane. It feels like no matter what I do they will eventually get fed and we end up losing the game, unless my other lanes are already winning their match ups, listen to ping/dont overextend.
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