promotional games

Does anyone else think RIOT puts people known more to flame / afk in your promotional games to stop you ranking? Legit been in promos to g3 (not high I know but only just returned after 3 years of not playing) but legit get promos the 2 games in promos are always flamers/ cry babys and afkers go back to 70lp, win 2 games really easy or hard carry them back to promos and then repeat have afkers feeders and cry babys. i have hit g3 promos 8 times in the last 3 days and this seems to be a repeating thing its getting kinda ridiculous. getting hardstuck in G4 just due to RIOTS match making is kinda lame. People with decent honor should be matched with people with decent honour make it more enjoyable for people who dont flame and wanna enjoy the game - rather then stick them with complete and utter trash
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